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With expensive full service laundry and drycleaners that serve only the higher income niche, it came to us as an idea to serve the general populous with high quality industrial quality laundry machines at affordable prices. When you visit DobiKita 24 hours self service laundry, you will never need to prepare to the hundreds anymore, just well under RM11, you can get your weekly laundry done with super efficient industrial washers and dryers! If you are pressed for time, for just RM8, our friendly outlet assistant will help you move your laundry to the dryer once it completes its washing cycle and do the folding of your laundry once it is completed. You can feel at ease to enjoy a cup of coffee nearby or even attend a meeting in the office, your laundry will be well taken care of.

Easy & Accessible Laundry Services

No more traffic jams, no more excessive spending, all within a few steps from your home. With our efficient and heavy duty industrial laundry machines, just sit back, take a sip of coffee and relax while we handle your laundry for you. Wifi and Bacfree Filtered Drinking Water is on us!

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For any questions or feedback, please contact our Customer Service here and we will try our best to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

About Us

DobiKita is all about your laundry, giving you the best self service coin operated laundry experience is what we aim to do from bringing you convenience in doing your weekly laundry to the cleanest laundry service alternative you can get near you. At DobiKita, we revolutionise the way people do their weekly laundry and opening a brand new alternative to laundry services that calls for a better bang to the buck. We cater to everyone who wants to have a hassle free, cost effective way of doing their weekly laundry without having to folk out a huge sum of money. On top of that, we are bringing your neighbourhood the convenience of the cleanest and freshest self service laundry you can ever get. We use ELECTROLUX PROFESSIONAL Professional laundry machinery for their years of experience in the manufacturing of both industrial and home laundry appliances and now, you can enjoy the benefits of industrial grade washers and drying machinery at affordable prices. The days of spending hefty costs on basic home laundry machines are long gone, when you try DobiKita, you will know the difference!